List of Courses

  • HealthcareBeauty Therapist

    Want to be a beauty therapist? Our Beauty Therapist course will give you the right skills and know-how to go far in this field.

  • ArtCreative Writing

    Explore the process and techniques of creative writing and develop stories, characters and plots that connect with your readers.

  • ArtFreelance Writer

    Thinking of forging your own path as a writer? Our freelance writer course is a good place to start learning how to set up your own practice.

  • Human Resources Etiquette Coach

    Want to help people navigate different social situations? Etiquette coaching could be your next career. Here is a course to help you get started.

  • Communication Public Speaking

    Overcome stage fright, connect with audience and deliver speeches the way professionals do with the help of our public speaking course.

  • ManagementWedding Floristry

    Wish you can create attractive floral displays for every type of wedding? Get started with the craft by taking our wedding floristry course.

  • ArtMakeup Artist

    Love applying cosmetics? Hone your makeup skills by taking this course, and establish a career in this exciting industry.

  • ManagementEvents Management

    Whether you are an aspiring event manager or are tasked to organise an event for the first time, you can tackle the job successfully with this course.

  • HorticultureGarden Design

    Love transforming ordinary gardens into beautiful, usable spaces? Turn this passion into a rewarding career by taking our Garden Design Course.

  • ManagementWedding Planner

    Learn the techniques to plan and produce memorable and hassle-free weddings by taking our comprehensive Wedding Planner Course.

  • HorticulturePlanting Flowers and Vegetables Course

    Develop your green fingers and be able to cultivate greens and blooms and harvest food in your backyard with this Planting Flower and Vegetables course.

  • HorticultureBasic Plumbing

    Understand your home’s plumbing system and acquaint yourself with its components and how each work together to supply and drain water from your property with the help of this Basic Plumbing Course.

  • ProductionShort Film Production

    Get a comprehensive step-by-step overview of how to complete and promote a high-quality short film.

  • FitnessAerobics Fitness Instructor

    Get in shape, improve your overall health and lead others to do the same using the wisdom dispensed in this Aerobics Fitness Instructor course.

  • Human Resources HR, Bookkeeping and Payroll Course

    Have a strong command of human resources, bookkeeping and payroll tasks, and be able to use your expertise to help employees and organisation perform effectively and achieve growth by taking this HR, Bookkeeping and Payroll Course.

  • HealthcareAutism Awareness Course

    Increase your awareness of autism with the help of this comprehensive Autism Awareness Course, and be able to better communicate, interact and support people with autism and their families.

  • HealthcareCognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Course

    Have a solid grounding in the theory and practice of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) by engaging in this CBT Course, and use what you will learn to pinpoint and tackle emotional issues, change errors in thinking, and live a happier and fuller life.

  • BeautyNail Technician Course

    Make nail designing your day job and join one of the fastest growing and most rewarding professions in cosmetology today. You can learn the fundamentals of this practice through this well thought out Nail Design Course.

  • Human Resources SEN Teaching Assistant Course

    Considering a role as a SEN teaching assistant? Get into this course now and have the qualifications to enter a profession that will enable you to provide support and quality education to students with SEN.

  • HealthcareFirst Aid Course

    First aid administration is a basic life skill that you can acquire and develop through this First Aid Course. Learn how to conduct first aid treatments for a variety of conditions and react quickly and confidently in emergency situations.

  • ArtInterior Design Course

    Get a head start in the practice and business of interior designing using the information imparted in this Interior Design Course, and be able to develop your creative eye and sense in designing attractive and functional spaces.

  • ManagementLeadership and Management Course

    Enrol in this Leadership and Management Course now and build skills that will make you an effective all-around leader and manager, and get ready to influence teams and lead them toward success.

  • ManagementMindfulness Diploma Course

    Find out and incorporate simple yet effective practices in your life to combat stress, unhappiness, anxiety and a host of other emotional and mental problems, and teach others to do the same by taking this Mindfulness Diploma Course.

  • LanguageOnline Sign Language Course

    Discover signing and be able to effectively start conversations and communicate with fellow signers and the deaf and hard hearing with the help of this Online Sign Language Course.

  • HealthcareTherapeutic Exercise Certification

    This Therapeutic Exercise Certification takes an in-depth look at the concepts and principles of therapeutic exercise, and offers guidance on the individualisation

  • BusinessReal Estate Agent Course

    The real estate industry is starting to pick up pace again, and that means opportunities for real estate agents are pouring in.

  • HealthcareMedical Office Manager Course

    There are numerous healthcare settings today, and each employs as many personnel to meet various medical care needs of patients.

  • Human Resources PA Secretarial, Basic Accounts and First Aid Diploma

    Become skilled in secretarial and basic accounting functions and also learn how to administer immediate medical care by enrolling in our PA Secretarial, Basic Accounts and First Aid Diploma course.

  • BusinessBusiness Accounting and Excel Course

    Learn how to perform business accounting painlessly and clearly and discover various strategies to utilise Excel effectively in optimising accounting tasks and addressing accounting-specific issues.

  • BusinessBusiness English and Communication Course

    Improve your business English and communication skills and become more competitive in your career by learning all the lessons outlined in this course.

  • TeachingSEN Teaching and Teaching Assistant Course Level 3

    Take advantage of this comprehensive course to receive good grounding in the field of ‘special educational needs’ (SEN) and strengthen your core teaching skills in no time.

  • ManagementSoftware Project Management

    Gain a fresh perspective on software project management and learn a variety of tools and techniques you can use to successfully handle a software project.

  • AccountingSage Leve 1, 2 and 3

    Accurate accounts are critical to effective and efficient business operations.

  • TherapyAccredited Aromatherapy Online Course

    Capture the true essence of aromatherapy and learn how to effectively apply its methods and practices to achieve vibrant health and beauty.

  • Social CareAccredited Children Obesity and Nutrition Online Course

    Help children have the best start in life and encourage them to live a healthy lifestyle by learning about childhood development, obesity, and nutrition.

  • EconomyAccredited Crytocurrency Online Course

    Cover the basics of cryptocurrency and develop full understanding of how it works and what makes it special. Once done, you should be able to start investing in this digital asset and make profit to fund your retirement.

  • HealthcareAccredited Forensic Psychology Online Course

    Receive thorough introduction to the field of forensic psychology and understand its role and impact on criminal investigation, courtroom proceedings, and crime prevention.

  • Social CareAccredited Social Media Marketing Online Course

    Gain practical advice on how to effectively employ marketing tools and strategies to position a brand on the digital landscape and optimise campaigns on various online social platforms.

  • TeachingTEFL Master Course with OTEA Accreditation

    Tap into this course to gain the expertise and confidence to Teach English as a Foreign Language and become a brilliant teacher who can effectively guide students in developing the skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing.