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Course Overview

Human resources, bookkeeping and payroll are among the most essential aspects of any business, since they are primarily concerned about the welfare of employees and the organisation as a whole. For starters, human resources and payroll are all about developing people in the organisation and ensuring they get paid for the services they render on time and according to industry standards. Bookkeeping, on the other hand, deals with the financial transactions of the organisation, making sure they are properly recorded, organised and analysed. Simply put, these three areas work together to ensure the overall success of an organisation and its employees.

Because most, if not all, organisations have a need for human resources, bookkeeping and payroll, there is a growing demand for candidates who are well-rounded in these areas. You can develop your strength in these fields and become a sought-after professional by taking advantage of this HR, Bookkeeping and Payroll Course.

The course will give you a solid foundation in the areas of HR, bookkeeping and payroll—keeping you abreast of what each task entails and why they are significant in the employment and corporate environments. You will also explore a variety of topics relevant to these three fields, including corporate and HR strategy, employee recruitment and selection, performance and attendance management, employee compensation and benefits, and accounting equations, calculations, reporting and management, just to name a few.

Learning Objectives

The primary objectives of the HR, Bookkeeping and Payroll Course are to: (a) equip you with the tools to become well-versed in the areas of human resources, bookkeeping and payroll; (b) familiarise you with various HR responsibilities and procedures, including employee recruitment, selection and induction, performance management and grievance and disciplinary procedures; (c) acquaint you with the basics of payroll, including its elements, systems, procedures, compensations, benefits, deductions, taxes, etc.; and (d) let you in on the essential concepts of bookkeeping, which include, but are not limited to, balance sheets, accounting equation, double entry, purchases and sales accounts, expenditures


  1. 24/7 access to quality course content and learning materials designed by industry professionals.
  2. Comprehensive lessons on HR, Bookkeeping and Payroll with every topic explained in detail.
  3. Study the lessons anytime, anywhere, and from any device.
  4. Every module comes with a meaningful Quiz to test your knowledge and track your progress.
  5. Course suitable to learners of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  6. Obtain a valuable certification upon course completion.



  • Development of Human Resource Management
  • Corporate and HR Strategy
  • The Employment Environment
  • Employee Recruitment and Selection
  • Integrating New Employees
  • Managing Performance
  • Managing Absence and Retention
  • Employee Grievance, Discipline and Dismissal


  • The structure of the qualification
  • RTI (Real Time Information)
  • Confidentiality and security
  • Authorisation
  • Timeliness
  • Gross pay
  • Basic pay
  • Shift pay
  • Overtime
  • Bonus and commission payments
  • Statutory sick pay (SSP)
  • Statutory maternity pay (SMP)
  • Statutory paternity pay (SPP)
  • Statutory adoption pay (SAP)
  • Statutory leave
  • An introduction to PAYE
  • The PAYE code number
  • The cumulative nature of PAYE
  • Net pay
  • Payslips
  • Paying employees
  • Payroll checks


  • Why bookkeeping is needed
  • Simple balance sheets
  • The accounting equation
  • Double entry
  • Purchases and sales accounts
  • Capital and revenue expenditure
  • Drawings
  • Balancing off the accounts
  • Trial balance
  • Final accounts


£299 | $329
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£600 | $864
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