Medical Office Manager Course


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Course Overview

There are numerous healthcare settings today, and each employs as many personnel to meet various medical care needs of patients. For these healthcare settings to operate smoothly and ensure all personnel are doing their jobs correctly, medical office managers are called upon to take the lead.

A medical office manager is responsible for overseeing the key operational and administrative functions of a medical practice. Among the jobs handled by this healthcare professional include hiring, training, supervising and delegating responsibilities to medical staff; monitoring and managing medical coding, billing and accounting practices; developing and implementing office policies; and managing medical records and compliance issues.

Considering the scope and scale of responsibilities that fall in the hands of a medical office manager, taking on this role necessitates having clinical and administrative knowledge as well as business acuity. A good starting point to develop such abilities is taking this Medical Office Manager course.

Learning Objectives

This course of study gives emphasis on the core aspects and intricacies of managing a medical office. It discusses the duties and responsibilities of the medical office manager and the needed competencies to succeed in the role. It also identifies various healthcare settings and the personnel that work within them as well as the procedures, policies and practices within such settings.

Progressing through the modules of this course will also introduce you to topics relevant to the practice of medical office management, including regulatory compliance, legal and ethical issues, front office and personnel management, medical records management, health insurance and much more.

Expected Outcomes

Completing this course should acquaint you with all responsibilities that go with the role of being a medical office manager. It should also increase your understanding of various operational and administrative procedures and functions within the healthcare setting. More importantly, you should be able to pick up knowledge and skills that will help you in developing your own practice and will allow you to take charge of a medical office.


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  5. Course suitable to learners of all levels: beginner, intermediate and advanced.
  6. Obtain a valuable certification upon course completion.


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